Saturday, June 9, 2007

Production Photos - First Weedend - "The Book of Zombie"

Cortesi made us CDs of our first TBOZ weekend yesterday. I was looking forward to seeing these all week. You can click on the photos to get larger sizes on Flickr.

I love this one of Marcel, Jenn and Andy as Darwin. They're working on a blood spurt effect.
Special Effects on "The Book of Zombie"

Here we are working on our romantic "Sixteen Candles" scene with David and Jenny on the pool table. That's Larissa as Jenny and Brian as David. That's Paul, the director, looking at the monitor on the floor. I'm in red shirt setting up the shot. Chris is getting sound with the boom mic.
Picture 060

Here's our "dolly" shot of the handle of the Drunken Dragon cooler. By dolly, I mean Mike pushing me on a wheelchair while I shoot with the steadicam.
Picture 005

This is us setting up a shot at the door of the Drunken Dragon. Our heroes are preparing to barricade the door to keep the zombies out.
Picture 095

Mr. Linderman - Steve Cortesi - exiting the cooler in the back of the Drunken Dragon.
Picture 012

I'm setting up a shot of Linderman coming out of the cooler.
Picture 021

Marcel and Jenn
Our amazing make-up and special effects team.
Picture 088

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