Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Opening Credits Are Complete

The opening credits sequence for The Book of Zombie is complete. I finished rendering the last shots late last week and sent it on to the rest of the zombie team for viewing. I'm hearing that everyone loved it. Just this morning I passed it along to our sound team to begin the sound design and scoring process. I'm hoping to be able to post the whole open soon. In the meantime, enjoy some stills that I've pulled from it.
The Book of Zombie - Opening CreditsA short trek through the local cemetary
The Feet Have ItPiper Jogs to Work
Piper jogs to work.   Big mistake...Still Running
The Missionaries ArriveStop Looking at Me
Still Running. Getting Annoyed.The Approach
Move!Passed Unscathed
M.Z. FeetWalking through the credits
Behind Linderman'sBackpack
Exploding Mailbox!Bringing in the Groceries
CleansweepsWelcome to Linderman's
SleepyCharlie gets excited as Piper runs by
Darwin v. Mailbox 1Piper Running - work in progress
Click on that last one to see a cool work in progress comparison with the final product. It came a long way. The whole process took a little over three months and clocks in at four minutes. I know that I promised a making-of post a while back, but that's going to wait until I post the finished product.