Monday, June 11, 2007

The Book of Zombie - 2nd Weekend

It's Monday, and we've made it through our second weekend. I hope you enjoyed yesterday's "shaky-cam" video. I'll make more of those as time permits.

We started on Friday with scene 26. Please excuse me if I don't tell what scenes are about. I'm trying to keep this semi-spoiler-free. Erik did a guest directing spot here and did a great job. We have some awesome shots to work with. We used the fog machine a lot on the bar door. For a while I thought someone would call the fire department because of all of the smoke pouring out. We shot the whole scene on steadicam, which is always a lot of fun for me. We did shots from the top of a ladder, and some with me lying on the floor... all with the trusty steadicam.

Sometime Friday afternoon, (not sure when, I seem to lose all track of time) Marcel and Jenn did a head cast of Alex. He's going to be one of the featured zombies later in the film.
Turning a man into a zombie

At night we moved on to the end of the pool table scene where Darwin finally gets asked about his backpack. It was on the last line of this scene that we used the infamous "shaky-cam". (see previous blog for the short video) I got the shaky-cam idea from rereading "The Evil Dead Companion" last month. Great book.

We spent all of Saturday on scene 21, a very emotional scene with Darwin. We didn't leave until after 5am on Sunday. It's a very long scene. We did one camera set-up where I was shooting from the top of the pool table. I came close to falling off at least once. Probably not the best idea, since I was exhausted by this point. We finally did finish though.

Here's a some more pictures from the first weekend that I like:

We're getting ready to shoot a close-up of Piper at the pool table. We seem to be going through a lot of fog...
Directing the pool table 'o death.

Another shot from the "Sixteen Candles" scene. You can see what one of the shots looks like in the monitor.
Sixteen Candles 2

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