Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Book of Zombie - 1st weekend

It's Sunday morning, and I'm getting ready to leave for day 3 of shooting The Book of Zombie (TBOZ). It's been exhausting. I got there on Friday around 11am after finishing my job at the TV station. I think I was on set until 3am Saturday morning. I was awake for around 26 hours. Arrived home near sunrise, feeling like a zombie.

It's Monday evening now.
We started the shoot with the Drunken Dragon barricade the door scene. Did I mention how terrifying it is to shoot your first movie? Hopefully I'll get more confident as the weeks go on. My favorite shot of the night was a great idea of Scott's. Piper walks past the gang towards the camera and we do our first follow focus shot. Paul was a great focus puller and we nailed it by our third try.

The bar also looks great with all the blood and medieval set dressing provided by Dameon Willich of the Seattle Knights.

On Saturday night we moved over to our back room set at The Rail. We shot the big Linderman scene with Steve Cortesi as the infamous Mr. Linderman. The make-up job on him was truly amazing! Great work by Marcel with assist by Jenn. One of the best Zombies ever committed to film... (or Digital Video as the case may be)

On Sunday we returned to the Dragon to shoot David and Jenny's romantic scene on the pool table. For some reason it reminded me a little of Sixteen Candles.... Not sure why.

We also shot a scene with the whole gang gathered around the pool table. We didn't have Darwin, so Adam had to do a little "Fake Shemping" for us. I'm sure all you Evil Dead fans out there know what that means... If not, please refer to the excellent Companion. I'm just glad we get to add a fake shemp title to the credits. It definitely legitimizes our movie!

Back with more updates soon. Maybe I'll get some production photos for the next post.
I'll start editing in the next couple of days...

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