Saturday, June 30, 2007

5th Weekend - TBOZ

Friday - Crew call: 5pm
We're here tonight to shoot mostly exteriors of The Drunken Dragon. Two different scenes: the arrival at the bar and Darwin's exit. We had already shot part of these scenes, but didn't quite finish them last week because of some scheduling conflicts and running out of night as the sun came up.

The most exciting part of the night was of course the flaming arrow. We shot Piper lighting and aiming the crossbow. It was a huge flame. Much bigger than I imagined it would be. We'll shoot it flying through the air and it's impact on a dummy later.
Flaming ArrowFlaming Arrow

Saturday: Crew Call 4pm
Make-up on the featured Zombies had already begun. I set up a camera to get a time-lapse video of Andrea Renken being turned into a zombie. Video coming very soon. First shot of the night was blood being shot into Charlie's face. This was great. Marcel and Erik shot a huge amount of blood at him with a shop-vac. He got drenched.
Blinded by bloodRehearsing Charlie's Fall
We got 2 angles on this, since it was a one take shot.

Soon after, the zombie horde came through the door. Really great make-up jobs on these guys.
Tell you...What are you looking at?
Then, we moved onto the fight between David and Alex Zombie. We spent some time working out the fight choreography. I won't ruin the death method here, but it was really cool - you'll just have to see the movie.

We were so busy all night that I wasn't able to keep any notes after this point. Delirium may have set in around 5am. I do remember this: we shot two more really cool zombie deaths before calling it a night - or morning, as the case may be. One involved a blood geyser to the ceiling and the other being a crushed head.
Coming soon: Geyser of bloodHow to paint a foot with blood

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