Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 15 - Get it? Holes.

We only shot one day this weekend. Only three more locations to go. We returned to Shoreline to finish the opening scene at the Driscoll's house. Adam and Andy finally got to appear as pre-zombie mormon missionaries. Weather was a constant threat. Rain was predicted, and it definitely slowed us down. We only had to stop once, but we made it. I didn't get worried until I noticed the sun coming up while we still had a few more shots to get.
The Mormons arriveGet it?... holes...
The blue-tinged smoke looked great wafting through the front yard. We also filmed the bloody and disgusting end of poor Zed.
Hello BrotherDon't open the door
Say goodbye to Zed

Next week is going to be huge. I just found out that we're shooting a heavy dialogue scene in a backyard in Shoreline on Friday and then a huge Zombie horde scene on a street in Puyallup. Stay tuned...

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