Monday, October 1, 2007

Week 16 - Zombies Invade Puyallup

The weather reports were dire. A monsoon was predicted to hit Puyallup the exact moment we were to begin shooting and then last all night. We went ahead with the shoot anyway and defied all odds to a glorious success. Only mild sprinkles fell, the zombies were happy (as happy as zombies can be) , only one car was seriously damaged.
Zombie HordeZombies

The scene that we were working on was David and Jenny's exit from their backyard and stumble upon a literal horde of zombies. There were zombies in the driveway and lining the streets. Scott staged his car to look like it had plowed into a tree in the yard. There was even a dead body hanging out the passenger window. Most of our lights were hidden behind the car to light the zombies in the road. A smoke machine was hidden under the hood of the car and billowed smoke for every take.
David and Jenny Visualize the HordeZombie Clapper

We finally did an epic jib shot as our heroes run down the street, dodging the zombies. Adam built the jib early in production and we finally had the chance to put it to good use. The shot is amazing. We also shot David and Jenny running, using Scott's van as a dolly. I shot steady-cam out the side door, while Paul held a light out the front window. How they managed to out run us once is still unknown.

The monsoon didn't hit until the drive home.

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