Monday, September 3, 2007

13th weekend - Welcome to the Driscoll's

We finished shooting at the bars in Auburn last weekend and moved on to a house in Shoreline. The house, donated by Karen's parents, is extremely rich with character and detail. Our story starts with David and Jenny enjoying dinner at home. We spent the entire night on their dinner scene.
Dinner time

Erik ordered a stunt double for Zed the cat a while back. He finally arrived and was brought to the set. As luck would have it, a cat that looked very similar to Zed showed up on set and wanted to be let into the house. We dropped everything we were doing and quickly re-lit for the cat running out the door shot. I was always concerned that we'd never be able to get a cat to "act", but it went very well. We have no idea what the cat's real name is, so the credits will read "Zed as Himself".

Zed as hinself

The first scheduled scene of the night was David coming back in after his confrontation with the Mormons (to be filmed in a couple of weeks). We then moved on to his and Jenny's exit from the kitchen. Yes, the story takes place in October. Our set dressers had a great time finding Halloween decorations.
Backyard!Happy Halloween

The big scene of the night was a big set-up in the garage. This was a huge task for lighting and it took all of our fixtures. I wanted to have all of the interior lights to turn on when David throws the switch to reveal the zombies already there. This involved hanging four lights to the ceiling and wiring them all to a single power strip. I also lit the exterior to be seen through the doors and windows. We used two fog machines to fill the garage with smoke. It's a very cool looking scene.
That's a lot of red

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