Monday, August 13, 2007

Week 10 - Enter Boothe and The Melting of Bob

Shooting continues at Linderman's. Our custom-built set is holding up well to filming. We finally arrived at one of my favorite parts of the script: Boothe's entrance. It was great to film him come through the door with a chainsaw covered in blood. Friday was mostly devoted to Boothe's monologue and his interactions with David, Charlie, and Darwin. Bill Johns is great as Boothe.
Boothe's EntranceBoothe's Entrance

On Satruday we filmed Boothe and Darwin with Bob Zombie. This was definitely the most complex make-up effect yet in the film. While Marcel and Katy worked on that, Scott and I worked with Boothe on shooting some more dialogue. This was made quite difficult with our crew of two and the Auburn street fair going on right outside the door.
Here's the Bob Zombie make-up:
Building Bob ZombieBuilding Bob ZombieBuilding Bob Zombie

The most intense part of the night was filming Bob Zombie. It took five people just to operate the make-up effects. Very cool. We used a lot of smoke, blood, vinegar, and old pudding.
The Book of BobMelting Bob Zombie

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