Friday, August 3, 2007

8th Weekend

Rehearsal at Linderman's
We started Friday with a rehearsal of the entire Linderman's scene. This introduced us to the Bill Johns as Boothe. As you can see, the set is still under consctuction. We've been busy turning a bar into a convenience store. It will be done (hopefully) by the time we start shooting today.
Hello BootheRehearsal at Linderman's

While Pual was busy doing a second run-through with the actors; Adam, Scott and I shot a side view of the flaming arrow outside. Adam built a rig to attach the arrow to the tripod, so I could whip-pan the camera and it looks like the arrow is flying.
Soon to be flaming arrow

We did get a little shooting done tonight. Along with some inserts, we also shot Brian getting up from behind the bar only to face a new horde of zombies. We have one more short scene to shoot at the Drunken Dragon, which we'll come back to in a couple of weeks.
End of the road More Zombies
See the light

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