Tuesday, August 21, 2007

11th Weekend - Boothe takes a fall and Jenny battles Zombies

Erik started a brilliant directing stint for this weekend's shoot. On Friday we spent our whole night in Linderman's. Some of that time was spent shooting pick-ups and reverses with Darwin, David, Charlie and Jenny. Most of the time however, comma, was used for some more shots of last weeks epic battle between Boothe and Bob Zombie. We got some reverse shots that were missed last weekend due to us concentrating on Bob's heavy make-up effects.
Bill Johns (Boothe) did some great stunt work. Yes, he does all his own stunts. He did a great backwards fall many times. In the picture below we have a shot set-up where he falls out of frame and is caught by Bob and Chris waiting below to catch him. We also did some low angle shots of him hitting the ground with no one to catch him. I can't imagine it felt very good to land hard with a rifle strapped to his back that many times.
Boothe takes a fall

Saturday night/Sunday morning was all about a return to The Drunken Dragon. This was a scene that we've been looking forward to for a very long time: Jenny's brawl with Andy Evans as Brother Joseph. This was a great scene to be able to spend all night on. When cut together, it's going to be very suspenseful. It was also great to be back "home" at the bar. Despite the blood-soaked sticky floors and recent fruit fly infestation, we all love it. Check out this picture of Jenny slowly backing towards the window to the kitchen. We got a lot of cool shots of her looking freaked out, waiting for the next attack.
Jenny backs towards the window

I love this shot of Andy slowly lumbering through the bar. The camera caught a cool wisp of smoke passing by. We did a lot of extreme low angle shooting with the sandbag used as camera support. I spent most of the night sitting on our wonderful blood-soaked floor.
Zombie Andy Walks Through Smoke

The above photo is actually part of a series that Leah took without moving her camera. Here's a video I put together last night of those shots "animated".

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I'm not lovingly resting my head on Chris's shoulder in the above shot, it just appears to be so.