Saturday, July 21, 2007

7th Weekend - Margarita Night (of the Dead)

Ashley prepared Mexican for dinner for us tonight. Then decided that we needed margaritas. Everything was delicious. Some of our zombies may have gotten a little drunk... with their stunt heads:
Drinking by Myself

The set also had a visit from a press photographer. I'm not sure when the story's going to be published, but I'll post a link to the paper's website when it does. The Book of Zombie continued shooting the "montage of death". This started with Jenny fighting one of the Mormon Zombies. We had a great fake head and rubber hands. We did some of the effect shots with two cameras.

I even did some shots laying on by back, watching a machete attack happening above my head.
"That machete looks so stout."

This was great. On the first take, Larisa just managed to lop off some fingers. The second take took the whole hand. In true TBOZ fashion, copious amounts of blood was expelled from the gaping hole...
Don't chop off my fingersOw
Flip-top head

Erik hacking away at the head with Marcel holding a fake hand into the frame. The head was so stout that it took many takes to lop it off.
Flip-top headPsycho Killer

Here's our wonderful slate. I got to slate every shot for this scene. We were running short on crew at 7am and it was pretty tight quarters on the floor behind the bar. I finally had an excuse to use the wide angle lens adapter for Brian's close-ups.

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