Sunday, July 15, 2007

6th Weekend - Montage of Death Continues


Friday started out with transforming Ashley into a Zombie again. This time we added the hammer to her head. Check out the new video here.

We still hadn't cast the part of Booth yet. Bill Johns was scheduled to come in for an audition around this time. He was cast on the spot and we're ready to start shooting as soon our Linderman's set is ready. Adam is heading up the construction team to transform The Rail into a convenience store.

Our first shots of the day were of David throwing the hammer at Ashley. Brian looked like he was having a good time throwing the hammer across the bar at a metal door.

You may have seen the geyser of blood video I posted last week. Well, today we shot the actual decapitation. Larisa had to take Ashley's head off with a machete. We even managed to launch some more blood out of the neck.

Killing HammerheadKilling Hammerhead

Next up was Brian trying to cut up his first Zombie with a battle-axe. He eventually got her on the ground and uses his thumbs for a very gory death.
tbozmy eyes...
tbozmy eyes...
My battle-axe

While most of us were inside shooting the above scene, others were outside setting up for dawn. Traffic was very uncooperative. It was impossible to shoot this scene in 1, uninterrupted shot. We had to break it up a little bit, so no cars will be seen in the final edit.
Is it over...?


This is where Marcel got dressed-up as a teenage Zombie and got cut in half. First, we did the shots of him getting sliced with the axe and his guts falling out. Then we took a short break while Adam cut a hole in the floor. Marcel got into the hole and Adam fake-shemped the twitching legs.
How  to cut a zombie in halfHow  to cut a zombie in half
How  to cut a zombie in halfHow  to cut a zombie in half
How  to cut a zombie in halfPlayback

We finished up the day with a couple of pick-up shots. The first was Brian stabbing Alex's eyes. For this we used the Alex dummy head. The last shot of the night was battle-axe blood splatter.

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